• cobot, RAR robot, universal robot, small robot
  • Multi robot cell, multi robot line, robot forest
  • Small robot cell, robotic tending, robot pick and place
  • Hard automation, bespoke automation

Arnold Consulting can help with any automation project you may have or even not realise you need. From initial consultation and site visits to understand your needs and look at the larger picture, as sometimes automating one area can lead to problems in other areas.

Arnold Consulting have years of experience in the automation of processes in many industries. Using robotics or special purpose machinery or a combination of both. Working on single work stations to multiple robot production lines. We will size the automation to fit the requirement. Let us help you improve your throughput, reduce your overhead and improve your quality thus improving your bottom line.

Adrian Arnold has worked for many years in the front end concept/feasibility area. Working on automation from single robot cells to robot forests. We can work with you from initial concepts, working out costs and the improvements the automation will give. We can assist in creating capex approval documentation and return on investment studies. This helps to prove the project and get buy in from the whole business. We can help with the specification and sourcing of equipment through installation, commissioning and finally to buy off to the agreed criteria. Arnold Consulting will assist at every stage ensuring the project is successful.